Food Grade Penetrating WD Spray

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Food Grade Penetrating WD Spray

Food Grade Penetrating WD Spray

STELLA Penetrating spray is a food grade synthetic multi-purpose penetrating spray lubricant which exhibits excellent water displacing properties. Australian supplier



STELLA WD Spray is a foodsafe, multi-purpose, non-toxic food grade maintenance spray product that displaces water, penetrates, lubricates and protects against corrosion.

STELLA WD Spray is ideal for use as a general lubricant to lubricate and protect small components such as linkages, pivots, pins, chains, slides, tools and general lubrication.

STELLA WD Spray is NSF H1 \ Food Grade \ Foodsafe for the use in HACCP Certified Food and Packaging Manufacturing Plants.

This non-toxic, water displacing lubricant provides effective penetration, lubrication and protection for a wide variety of applications commonly found in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments.

Pack size NSF H1 registered Performance
300g Yes Displaces water Penetrates Lubricates
Corrosion protection


Food Grade Grease NSF H1 registeredstella-aerosols stella-linkages-pins stella-wet-humidity

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