Paraffin Oil

Buy Paraffin Oil Online AustrailaParaffin Oil is widely used as a lubricant, base oil for creams / lip sticks / balms, massage therapy oil, ingredients in baby lotions, hair oil, skin care cream, textile chemicals, cold cream, ointments and incense stick making.

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Massage Oil

  • Paraffin oil is used by physical therapists to warm up a body part such as the hand. When the hand is submerged into a tub of paraffin, the tissues inside the hand are warmed up to prepare the patient for a more effective therapy session.

Lubricant or Base

  • Paraffin oil is frequently used in industry as a lubricant. For example, industrial bakeries may use paraffin oil to grease tin or aluminum pans for baking bread other foods. The oily quality of paraffin also makes it a popular ingredient for cosmetics products, including foundation, lip balms and lipsticks. The oily base containing paraffin ensures that a cosmetic product will not wipe away or rub off easily.


  • Paraffin oil may be used as a chemical ingredient in medicines, including topical creams, moisturisers, salves, balms and laxatives.