STELLA Food Grade lubricants and greases fit perfectly into a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) plan.

HACCP surveys

HACCP uses science-based controls to identify the hazards associated with processing food and identifies the production points where those risks can be virtually eliminated.

If there is any risk that a lubricant may come into contact with food during processing and packing operations, then only NSF H1 incidental contact registered lubricants should be used for those applications.

HACCP plans should necessitate the use of food grade lubricants in all food processing and packaging machinery in order to reduce the potential for contamination.

All lubrication points should be considered critical control points, or areas of potential risk. Food processing generally involves food grade lubricants be used on machinery and accessories such as pumps, mixers, tanks, gearboxes, hydraulics, hoses, pipes, drive chains, and conveyor belts.

STELLA Food Grade Oils and Greases carry the important NSF H1 approval for lubricants where incidental contact with food may occur, reducing the risk of contamination.

Only NSF H1 lubricants comply with FDA regulations on Food Grade lubricants.